Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Package Shipping Services

The terms and conditions of the service are periodically updated and govern the commercial activity that AVSUP provides to its customers. It will also rule in the resolution of any conflict.

By signing these terms and conditions it’s accepted that a delay in delivery may occur and that all delivery times are given as estimated and are not guaranteed. The CLIENT must be aware that unforeseen delays may occur for various reasons and therefore they will not receive any compensation, preferential rates, commercial discounts or any other benefit. AVSUP is not responsible for failures in deliveries or delays to final recipients by the Agencies at destination.

We will try, through the information you have provided, to contact you to inform you of any delay in shipments. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided is correct and up-to-date.

The CLIENT acknowledges that their packages may be opened, inspected by x-rays or physically by customs agents in the countries of origin and destination. If the agents totally or partially confiscate the contained products, we have no responsibility with the CLIENT for this shipment and it exonerates us from any responsibility with it.

When the products are not packed and protected properly, we have no responsibility for deterioration or loss of their content attributable to this cause.

The CLIENT is responsible for the shipment of products of illegal origin, or that are part of criminal acts.

In cases of loss or deterioration of your shipment be attributable to AVSUP, 20 USD / kg will be paid and up to a maximum of 200.00 USD.

AVSUP offers as a guideline the charges to be paid by the receiver at destination, to the DISPATCH AGENCY. It is not responsible for changes in these charges without prior notice

AVSUP is not responsible for the non-attendance of the FINAL RECEIVER at the dispatch appointment, nor for any cost applied by the DISPATCH AGENCY for not delivering the Receiver identification documents

AVSUP does not interact with Customs. Any interaction with them, is by the CLIENT and FINAL RECEIVER.

For the calculation of the invoice, is applied a rate to the greater value of the real weight and the weight calculated by volume, the rate is according to the way and route of the shipment.


Obligations of The CLIENT

 Offer the exact description of your data and the FINAL RECEIVER. This information will be used by the Agency at destination to locate and inform the date and place of dispatch. Any discrepancy with the information of the RECEIVER will be cause of retention of the package by customs causing charges for penalties and storage which will be paid by the CLIENT.

Provide the exact description of the content of the shipment. Ensuring not include any article prohibited by customs, airlines and shipping companies. Any inaccuracy in the descriptions may be cause for rejections by international transport. The costs derived for this reason will be invoiced to The CLIENT having to pay it upon receive of the corresponding invoice.

Know and comply with all the regulations established by the destination CUSTOMS, as permitted, regulated and prohibited objects, as well as authorized quantities of each one. Ensure that the shipment is not commercial, due to the nature of the product and the quantities. AVSUP only provides general guidance and advice on customs regulations. It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to consult in the countries of origin and destination the information established by the customs authorities and border control on prohibited and regulated products.

Guarantee the individual protection and sealing of each product that has the shipment. The protection and packaging of the items susceptible to breakage (tv, dishes, mirrors, electrical appliances …) are the responsibility of  The CLIENT.

According to AVSUP’s proposals, decide the availables forms and routes of shipment.  Provide to the FINAL RECEIVER all the shipment information for the dispatch and for any claim.

Accept the value of the invoice and proceed with its payment. 

It is responsibility of the FINAL RECEIVER to pay the duties, fines or taxes imposed by the customs authorities or border control.

Instruct to the FINAL RECEIVER the obligation to inspect the cargo at the time of dispatch and sign the receipt upon receive it. 

Instruct to the FINAL RECEIVER that any type of claim for missing, damage, breakage or violation of the security seal must be made by writing to the DISPATCH AGENCY before leaving the place of delivery. This is the first step for any type of compensation claim.


Obligations of the Shipment Agency

Properly seal packages, boxes and other forms in which you process the shipment.

Offer the final packaging according to safety standards for these types of shipments. Any other type of packaging must be provided by The CLIENT or acquire one of those offered by AVSUP and whose price is not within the shipping rates.

Offer the availables shipping method to The CLIENT selecting the one he decide.

Offer the rate that will be applied to the shipment acording to the way selected by The Client.

Provide to The Client the rate and the chargeable weight for the invoice amount calculation.

Offer information about of the payments that the FINAL RECEIVERS must pay to the Dispatch Agency and to the Customs.

Indemnify The CLIENT for loss, deterioration or breakage of the shipment and violation of the security seal. AVSUP only accepts as claims for these mishaps, those made by the FINAL RECEIVERS before they leave the Dispatch Agency and accepted by them through a written claim document.

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