Prices & Tariff


  – Chargable Weight:

There are 2 information to take into consideration for calculating the Chargeable Weight. (Weight and Volumetric Weight)

 – Tariff: 

A tariff is applied according to your pack Chargeable Weight. To optimize your shipment avoid send packages less than 1.5kg because you will pay the tariff for 1.5 kg package. 


– Total Cost (USD)

it’s a formula:  Chargeable Weight * Tariff


Estimated Time of arrival: Your pack will arrive at destination agency in 10 days, counting from the next friday of the pack date delivered in our offices. Follow up your pack by the Airwaybill shipment tracking. The Agency at destination takes 15-30 days to deliver the pack to your designated person. 


Chargeable Weight

The highest value between: Weight and Volumetric Weight.
Weight (kg): Measure by the scale in kg
Volumetric Weigh (kg): Volume(cm3)*1.66

Tariff applied

Chargeable Weight is 1.5kg or less: Minimum
Chargeable Weight higher than 1.5 kg: by Pounds

Terms and Conditions

Check the terms and conditions for packing shipping services

Payments at destination.

Summary for 1.5kg pack

Since February 2022. All Aerovaradero Services will be paid by the Remitent at the origin. The Destinatary only pays Customs Fee if applicable to the pack received. The exchange rate CUP-USD is based on established by BNC.

Here the Aerovaradero current Tariff. For more info, visit:

handling of goods

for Cubans and foreigners residents in the country

1.5 kg = 50.00 CUP
from 1.5 kg to 10.00 kg = 100 CUP
from 10.01 to 20 kg = 200 CUP
more than 20kg = 5.00 CUP x kg


for Cubans and foreigners residents in the country

if the RECEIVER does not show up to extrack his cargo on the set day, a charge for storage is appalied from that moment.

Minimum rate of 16.00 CUP x day.
From the 6th to the 8th day 0.08 x Kg / day.
From the 9th to the 12th day 0.14 x Kg / day.
From the 13th day tonwards 0.21x Kg / day.
Daily minimum up to 200 Kg 16.00 / day

Here the Customs current Tariff. For more info, visit:

review or examination of goods

50.00 CUP per package
500.00 CUP per pallet
2000.00 CUP per container

custody of held goods

75.00 CUP /day for the firts 5 days
250.00 CUP from the 6th day

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